2016 Australian Dressage Championships:

  • So happy with Glogau at the 2016 Australian Dressage championships. Glo was 2nd in the inter B, 3rd in the Inter A and 3rd in the Medium Tour freestyle with 70%. Thank you again to our wonderful sponsors and supporters

  • Go QLD, 4th Libby, 5th Mel & 6th Danica in the Advanced Freestyle

  • Congratulations to Janie for Kalahari's performances in the Advanced classes. The beautiful Karla placed 3rd and 7th in a strong field. We are very proud of her and thrilled to be able to compete Karla on behalf of Janie
  • A big thank you to our beautiful friend Kara Brennan for your amazing support at the Nationals, you are an angel in disguise. We had so much fun with you and enjoy every minute of the trip, your care and attention to the horses was above and beyond and we can't thank you enough. Ps and your an awesome cook !!!

DQRSC Championships Oct 2016.

We had a fantastic show on the weekend, Bellagio 11 ridden by Victoria was medium champion, Fibritzio ridden by Libby was Advanced tournament Champion and Kalahari ridden by Victoria (owned by Janie Carcary) was Advanced Champion. A big thank you to all of the sponsors, organisers, volunteers, judges and Leesa Murray for all of the hard work involved over the weekend. Also thank you to our wonderful sponsors for your on going support - Horseland Gold Coast, Prydes, The Saddlefitter and MDC stirrups

Brentanus and GB Windchester @ the 2016 Brisbane CDI. 
It's so nice to see that both of these horses went through (Kindy) together, 4,5 & 6 year old young horse classes & are now happily competing Grand Prix πŸ˜€πŸΎ (Go the Red Heads)

DQRSC 3.9.16

We had a great day at Caboolture (DQRSC) Bellagio 11 had his first start at medium, winning the 4.3 and placing 3rd in the 4.2 (ridden by Victoria), Fibritzio won the PSG and had his first start at Inter 1, placing 4th (ridden by Libby) and Kalahari had her first PSG start (ridden by Janie Carcary), we are very proud and excited. A big thank you to everyone involved in the running of this show, also thank you to our Fantastic sponsors - Prydes, The Saddlefitter, Horseland Gold Coast & MDC StirrupsπŸ˜€

July 2017  - Brisbane CDI 

What a fantastic Brisbane CDI-W 2016. A big thank you to the organising committee, Leesa MurrayCathie Drury-Klein & Trevor, Judges, Stewards, Volunteers, Sponsors, other competitors and everyone else involved for running a great show. Brentanus was a bit of a star, winning all three of the CDI-W Grand Prix Classes. 
Fibritzio was 5th & 10th in the advanced classes, Bellagio 11 ended up with a 3rd & 6th in the 6 year old. Thank you Arnage Warmbloods for sponsoring the Grand Prix CDI-W, Prydes Easi Feeds for sponsoring the Grand Prix CDI-W Freestyle, Keystar Mitsubishi Morayfield for sponsoring the Grand Prix CDI-W Big Tour Champion and Saddleworld for your sponsorship of the Brisbane CDI. Also a huge thank you to our wonderful sponsors & supporters, The Saddle Fitter, Prydes Easi Feeds, Horseland Gold Coast, MDC Stirrups, KEP Helmets, Narelle SealeyJanie CarcaryGeorgie Cham, Zuza, Jaime M. Amian ,Craig Jones, Terry Cook DipWcf and the wonderful people at home that look after everything Belinda DawsPatrick Crotty & G.W

June 2016:

Some of the riders in the Gold Coast Jaime M. Amian Dressage clinic trying out the gorgeous shirts from Kastel Denmark! 

Looking Good everyone !!!

Sydney CDI 2016
We have had a great show with an amazing group of people. Thrilled with the results of our team.
Brentanus was 8th in the CDI Grand Prix Special & 9th in the CDI Grand Prix Freestyle. 
Glogau was 4th in the Inter 11.
Bellagio was 2nd in the first round of the 6 year old and 5th in the 2nd round.

Kalahari placed 6th & 8th in the Advanced tournament & 9th the in the freestyle. 
We would like to say a big thank you to the sponsors of the classes, the volunteers, the officials, the organisers, the other competitors and most of all our wonderful team of people (Kara BrennanNarelle SealeyGwen Paddon & Haz, Georgie ChamJanie Carcary), also our fabulous sponsors (The Saddle Fitter - Kathryn Sullivan-Butt, Horseland Gold Coast - Richard Baker, Equisage, Prydes - Mitch Pryde & Cal Rei) who continue to support us, without all of these fantastic people it would not be possible. Congratulations to Georgie Cham & Rosanna Relton on their great results & a big thank you to Geoff Relton for fixing our truck mirror which had a little run it with a skinny bridge on the way down.

Toowoomba Young Horses Championships 2016. 

We had a fantastic show to start the year. Bellagio won both his 6 year old tests and received 6 year old Champion, GT Sapphire Rose (Owned by Gwen Paddon and Beechwood Dressage Horses) was 3rd and 6th in the 5 year old class and Sensation R (owned by Lee Muir) went to his first ever show and placed 5th and 7th in the 4 year old class. We are very please with the horses, we had every seasons in one day. Thank you to the organisers, sponsors, volunteers and riders for a great show and a big thank you to our amazing sponsors, owners and supporters for you continued support, we look forward to the 2016 competition season. 

The Orange CDI 2015 @ Bradgate Park has wrapped up. Bellagio ended up 3rd in the 2.2 and 8th in the 2.1 both of which were 70% scores. We are very please with his results at such a young age for his first official competition. Glogau has proved she is now a Grand Prix Horse which we are very excited about, with a 1st in the Grand Prix CDN Freestyle, 3rd in the Grand Prix CDN and 8th in the Inter 11. We had a great time at Orange, Thank you to the sponsors, organisers, volunteers, spectators and competitors for a well run show, we look forward to next year. Also a big thank you to our wonderful sponsors and support team, Prydes, The Saddle Fitter, Cal Rei, Equisage, Horseland Gold Coast, Spooks Riding Wear, Nature Vet - Ceva and Narelle Sealey and thank you to Gabby Jones & Karen Akins for your help and support throughout 

HHSA Young Horse Dressage Championships -  14th Feb 2015 

We had a super day at the Young Horse Championships. Harrier Hill Falconess was 6 year old Champion (Owned by Beechwood & Helen Junni), Bellagio 11 was 5 year old Champion (Owned by Beechwood) and Faith was 4 year old Champion (Owned by Connie Bookless), we also took Nungara Rachel (Owned by Helen Junni) to her first young horse show finishing in the top 10, we look forward to her future. Thank you to the wonderful sponsors and volunteers involved in running such a fantastic show, Prydes Easifeed, Saddleworld Toowoomba, The Gary Wells Practitioners Group, Belrock Equestrian (Craig Newton), The Pines Equestrian Centre (Angie Patterson), EQuest Dressage (Dean Izzard) and The Hanoverian Horse Society. A big thank you to Gabrielle Jones, Helen Junni and Connie Bookless for your continued help and support. And of corse our wonderful sponsors Prydes Easifeeds, Horseland Gold Coast (Richard Baker), The Saddle Fitter (Kathryn Sullivan-Butt), Equisage (Equissage Kylie Ebbett Australasia), Spooks Riding Wear, Cal Rei, Nature Vet and Narelle Sealey.

January 2015

Well the 2015 competition year has started, we just finished the first show back - Toowoomba Young Horse Championships. We had a great show, taking out Bellagio 11 (owned by Beechwood Dressage Horses) and Faith for their first competitions. Bellagio ended up 5 year old Champion and Faith (owned by Connie Bookless) was 7th over all in the 4 year old class. We are extremely happy with both horses. Thank you to the organising committee, sponsors and volunteers of the event. Also a big thank you to our fantastic sponsors, Prydes, Cal Rei, The Saddle Fitter, Horseland Gold Coast, Equisage, Nature Vet, Spooks Riding Wear, Gary Wells and Narelle Sealey. Thank you Gabrielle Jones for your beautiful plaiting and support.

19th June 2014

We would like to welcome our new sponsor "Equisage" to the team. Many thanks for helping us upgrade our old unit to an efficient new machine. Your knowledge and service has been fantastic. 

15th june - Great South East Championships 2014. 

We had a fantastic event. Glogau was 1st in the Inter 1 F/S, 2nd in the PSG and Inter 1, Fibrizio won the 6 year old class, 5th and 6th in the medium classes and 2nd in the Medium F/S and Harrier Hill Falconess was 1st and 5th in the prelims, taking out reserve prelim champion. Thank you to the organising committee and sponsors of the event and a huge thank you to our fantastic sponsors and supporters. Prydes, Cal Rei, Nature Vet, Spooks riding wear, Bit Bank Australia, The Saddle-fitter and Horse 360

 June - Lex Wills Memorial 2* Medium to Grand Prix competition

Glogau 1st in the Prix St Georges with 67.763% and 1st in the Intermediate I with 70.044%. – Taking out Small tour champion

May 2014 – Sydney CDI –


Day 1 at the Sydney CDI. Brentanus won the Wagners U25 Inter 11 (a big thank you to Wagners for sponsoring) and Glogau was 5th in the CDI PSG.

Day two of the Sydney CDI. Brentanus won the Mulawa U25 Grand Prix (A big thank you to Mulawa for sponsoring) and Glogau was 4th in the Inter 1. Very happy .

Day 3 of the Sydney CDI is done and dusted. Brentanus was 2nd in the U25 Grand Prix Freestyle and Glogau was 2nd in the Intermedite 1 Freestyle. Thank you to the fantastic sponsors, organizing committee and volunteers for a great show. Again a big thank you to our fantastic sponsors also

Home !!! we arrived safely home yesterday from a fantastic show at the Sydney CDI 2014. The horses spent the afternoon out grazing and enjoying the sun.

 A big thank you to "The Saddlefitter" Kathryn Sullivan Butt for the beautiful stable curtain and her experience with fitting our horses saddles.

It was fantastic to catch up with Ron and Jess from Prydes, who provided the horses with their feed for the show.

The team from Cal Rei sponsored the lovely stable plaques as well as keeping our horses looking good in the amazing new Cal Rei products. 

Nature vet needs a big thank you for providing electrolytes, joint food and recovery paste for the long journey to Sydney and back.

Spooks riding for keeping our team looking great. The new range of breeches are so comfortable and smart. I can't wait to see the new tails!

Thank you to The Bit Bank Australia for your ongoing support and information on the right bits for our horses.

 I would like to thank all of the volunteers, officials and competitors of the Sydney CDI for running such a great show.

Lastly but not least, our team would not be complete without the amazing support, hard work and dedication from Georgie Cham, Narelle Sealy and co traveller Gabrielle Jones.

Again thank you to all 

April 20th 2014

We had a great weekend at Caboolture with Gabrielle Jones, Janie Carcary and Connie Bookless attending one of the great DQRSC competitions. Glogau placed 1st in the PSG and Inter 1 and Brentanus was 2nd in the Inter 11. Thank you to our sponsors Cal Rei, Prydes Feeds, Bit Bank Australia, Nature Vet and Horse 360 and a big thank you to the organisers, volunteers and helpers of the show.

13.4.14 Caboolture Dressage Group 1*

We had a good weekend at CDG on Sunday. Fibrizio was 4th in his first start at medium (4.1), Glogau was 2nd in the PSG and 3rd in the Inter 1 & Brentanus was 2nd in the Big Tour Entry level test. Thanks to the organisers, sponsor and volunteers for running the show, Janie Carcary and Gabrielle Jones for your help and a big thank you to our fantastic sponsors Prydes Feeds, Cal Rei, Nature Vet, Horse 360 and the Bit Bank Australia for your continuing support.

12.4.14 Brentanus birthday

"Today is a special day,

It's My birthday,

And I have received the perfect 10. I'm 10 years old today "

April 2014

First competition for the year at PRARG. Fibrizio won the 6 year old YH, Harrier Hill Falconess was 2nd in the 5 year old YH and won the 2.1 with a great score of 73%. Thank you to Jembrae Warmbloods for sponsoring the young horse classes, Horseland Underwood for sponsoring the 2.1 and everyone involved in running the competition. 

1.1.14 - HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, Best of luck for 2014. 

We would like to announce two fantastic new sponsors for Beechwood Dressage Horses. 

Prydes Easi Feed


Cal Rei Australia & NZ - Optimum comfort for your horse

Dressage QLD Awards Night 2013

What a great night at the 2013 Dressage Qld Awards night. Congratulations to Janie Carcary on her silver riders medal, Gwen Paddon for being a finalist in the Lung Family newcomer & Pat Dale Memorial trophies, Glogau - reserve Dressage Qld PSG / Inter I horse of the year and being selected onto the 2014 Qld Elite dressage Squad, Brentanus - finalist for the Dressage Qld Inter II/Grand Prix horse of the year and being selected onto the 2014 Qld dressage Performance Squad and Fibrizio - finalist for the Dressage Qld 5 year old horse of the year. A big congratulations to everyone for their amazing results.

Australian Saddleworld Dressage Championships October 2013 

Day 1 & 2 - Brentanus placed 2nd in the Intermediate II, 1st in the Big Tour Entry level test, Glogau placed 3rd in the Intermediate 1 and 4th in the Intermediate 1 Freestyle.

We had some fantastic results with the horses, very please with all of them. I would like to say a huge thank you to Narelle Sealy for all her wonderful help and care of our horses, our team at home, our wonderful sponsors, Nature Vet, horse 360 (Gary Wells), Bit Bank Australia, Spooks riding wear, the organizing committee, volunteers, riders and everyone involved. Well done QLD !!! Also I would like to thank Brett Parbery for his help throughout the National Squad Clinic. Travel safe to everyone heading home

(photos by Julie Wilson)

Queensland State Championships October 2013

A great start to the 2013 State Dressage Championships. Fibrizio won his first elementary freestyle and Brentanus placed 4th in his fourth inter 11. 

Day two - Brentanus placed 2nd in the Grand Prix (second time at this test, very happy) Glogau was 4th in the PSG and 3rd in the inter 1 freestyle. Very pleased with the horses, on to day three

Day three - Glogau was second in the inter 1, ending up reserve small tour state champion.

We are very happy with all the horses results over the three days. Thank you to the wonderful organizing committee and volunteers for running and a great show and working so hard. A big thank you to all of the sponsors of the event, and other competitors (congratulations all ), Gabrielle Jones& Connie Bookless for all your help, our fantastic sponsors - Nature vet, Horse 360, Bit Bank Aus, Spooks riding wear and thank you to Protec bedding for making our horses comfy over weekend with your great new bedding. 
Next stop - 2013 Nationals. Safe trip to everyone traveling to Sydney

Brisbane CDI (July) & TVEG Championships (August) 2013

We have finally beat the rain and had some great completions in both QLD & NSW.  
First was the Brisbane CDI. We had a good show with the team. Glogau placed 3rd in the intermediate 1 & 6th in the PSG, Brentanus had his first start at the Big tour (Intermediate II and under 25 Grand Prix ) placing 2nd in both tests and Fibrizio placed 5th overall in the 5 year old young horse class. We were very please with the horses performances.

Next was the TVEG Championships. We had another great show. Glogau placed 1st in both the PSG & Intermediate 1 taking out Small Tour Champion and Fibrizio placed =1st in the 3C and 2nd In the 3B taking out elementary champion. 
It's been a hard 6 months with rain and competitions being cancelled. It was so good to see the sunshine and the fantastic organising committees being able to run their competitions and do such a wonderful job.

Thank you to all of the amazing sponsors and organisers. 


DQRSC & NADEC 23rd & 24th March 2013

Well we have finally beat the rain and made it to our first competition. Despite the very hot weather our team of horses had some fantastic results:

Brentanus - 1st in the PSG & Inter 1
Glogau - 2nd in the PSG & 5A
Fibrizio - 2nd on the 5year old class
Redwood Faramir - 3rd in the 4year old class
Harrier Hill Falconess - 5th in the 4year old class.

A big thank you to all the organizer and volunteers (DQRSC & Nadec) over the weekend 

A huge thank you to my wonderful sponsors,

- Nature Vet for the fantastic products that help the horses perform and recover so well. 

- Spooks riding wear for the beautiful competition wear that keeps you looks great and feeling cool all year round.

- Bit bank Australia for the great bit combos that our horses just love.

- Horses 360 for keeping the horses in tip top shape 

- The wonderful owners from Redwood stud & Harrier Hill Hanoverians 

And of corse the fantastic support team behind Beechwood Dressage Horses.

NADEC Young horses 5th & 6th 2013 

Well the new year has kicked off. We attended the NADEC Young Horse Qualifier at Plumbolah Equestrian Centre. We took Redwood Faramir (4 years old, owned by Kirsty and Nathan Phillips of Redwood Stud, ridden by Victoria Welch), Harrier Hill Falconess (4 years old, owned by Kim Kulper & Beechwood Stud, ridden by Victoria Welch) and Fibrizio (5 years old, owned and ridden by Elizabeth Welch). We had a great weekend and the young horses performed very well, were very happy. Redwood Faramir placed 2nd and a 3rd, Harrier Hill Falconess placed 4th on both days and Fibrizio placed 3rd.

Thanks to Sheridyn Ashwood and the team at NADEC for running such a professional  competition and thank you Jane Bloomfield of Plumbolah Equestrian Centre for the use of her beautiful property. It was a great week-end. 

A Big congratulations to the Beechwood Dressage Team.

We had a great time at the end of year awards for Dressage QLD last night. Glogau won the lovely Benalbyn Lodge Advanced Horse of the year trophy and achieved a position on the 2013 Queensland Performance squad, Brentanus was a finalist for the QLD FEI Small Tour Horse of the year and also achieved a position on the 2013 Queensland FEI squad and Fibrizio was runner up for the 4-year-old horse of the year. Victoria achieved a Silver riders medal on Glogau and a Gold riders medal on Brentanus. We are extremely happy with our team and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has supported us throughout the year. 

Congratulations to Sharon Campbell for winning the runner up Div. 2 Elementary Horse of the year, you’ve done a super job this year, also congratulation to Connie Bookless for achieving a position on the Queensland Performance Squad 2013 as well as a Platinum riders medal.

Thanks to all the organizers, helpers, volunteers and committee members for their hard work and dedication to the sport. 

Have a Merry Christmas And a Happy New 2013 everyone. 

Well it’s been another great year, Christmas and the New year are just around the corner.

 Victoria would like to thank Spooks Riding Wear for providing their quality range of competition and casual clothing this year. On or off the horse, you won't find her (or any other members of the team) without spooks on. Victoria competes in their stock shirts and new line of white breeches. She says "they're so comfortable with the stretch and the fabric is light enough to wear in warmer weather." We can't wait for the new catalogue to arrive!

 Also a big thank you to Bit Bank Australia for their ongoing support and consultations. Bit Bank Australia supplies the most suitable and quality bits, custom fitted to your horse. Their range of sizes, shapes and makes are all viewable on Plus, they come with an awesome 30 day free trial to ensure that the bit is perfectly suited to your horse.

Victoria is thrilled to be signing with Nature Vet again for 2013. Their range of supplement products are great for keeping the horses in optimum condition, especially when competing in hotter weather or over long distances from home. Their products restock deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and/or amino acids, which help keep the horses muscles hydrated and energized. Their products are highly recommended for hardworking horses.

The team owes a big thankyou to Horse 360 for keeping the horses loose and supple over the 2012 season. Their experts identify all the different muscle groups of the horse that may be over or underworked, and release any tightness or soreness that may have eventuated from training.

Overall, it's been a hugely successful year and we owe it all to the team around us. Thanks again, have a Happy Christmas & New Year everyone!!


Qld State Dressage Championship 2012QLD State Championships

We had a great competition on the weekend at the Qld State Dressage Championships. Glogau received Advanced State Champion and overall Advanced Tournament Champion of the show. Brentanus placed 3rd in the PSG, 4th in the Inter I and the Inter I Freestyle, taking out the Reserve Small Tour State Champion. ir fantas
tic achievements on the weekend. Connie placed 3rd in the Inter II, 5th in the Grand Prix and 4th in the Grand Prix Freestyle. Vicki won the overall Novice Div 2 State Champion on her beautiful horse Rakete and Sharon won the overall Elementary Div 2 State Champion on her spunky horse Leadburn Rockin Rio.

Thankyou to all the organizers, sponsors, judges, officials and volunteers for running such a great show.
Victoria would also like to thank her sponsors Nature Vet, Bit Bank Australia, Spooks Riding Wear and Horse 360.


We were very pleased with the two horses after PRARG ** this weekend. Brentanus placed 2nd in the Prix St George and won the Inter I. He received Small Tour Champion and a beautiful rug donated by Kay Sutherland from Que Sera Farm. BJ Kaneto Casablanca placed 4th in the Inter II. Thanks to all the volunteers, committee members and sponsors for running and supporting a great competition.

NADEC Dressage Spectacular
  • A fantastic show with our biggest and littlest team members (Brentanus and Jude). Jude had a great show scoring a whopping 77% in one class and 68% in the other, taking out his very first Preliminary Championship!! 
  • Petea and Tori were both thrilled with these results. Brentanus also won his Inter I class and placed 2nd in the Prix St George taking out Small Tour Champion. All in all a very successful day. 
  • We were very pleased with the NADEC grounds and their use of the sand arena. 
  • A big thank you to the hardworking committee and volunteers, the club is providing some great competitions. 

Coming Up: PRARG 2 Star, QLD States and Nationals

Brisbane CDI

  • BJ Kaneto Casablanca - 3rd Grand Prix CDN and 2nd Grand Prix Freestyle CDN
  • Fibrizio - 5th Round 1 and 3rd Round 2 in the 4 yo Young Horse Championship
  • Glogau - 1st 5B, 1st 5C, 1st Advanced Freestyle and Advanced Tour Champion
  • Brentanus - 5th 5B, 5th 5C and 4th Advanced Freestyle 

 QLD Festival of Dressage

We had a fun weekend at the Festival. Castlebrook Brenin Jude (a.k.a Jude) owned by Petea Adamson ridden by Tori, had his very first debut in the Stallion Parade. 

We were very excited about this as he's been proving himself a very favorable dressage stallion in the last 3-4 months of his training. 

Tori went on to do her Avatar Freestyle on Brentanus and the Masterclass with Glogau. 

We had a great time, it was excellent to see so many people supporting the sport. A big thank you to the hardworking committee for another successful FOD.

South East Queensland Championships**

After a rainy week and wondering whether or not the competition would be held, the Caboolture ** Championships went ahead. We had a team of 6 horses attend this years competition which made for a busy schedule but also a very exciting weekend. All in all we had a fantastic show and attained the following results:

Fibrizio - 4th in 4YO Young Horse Class
Castlebrook Brenin Jude - 2 x 4th place in Preliminary Championship
BJ Kaneto Casablanca - 3rd Inter II, 3rd Grand Prix Freestyle
Gym Star One -  2nd Inter II, 2nd Grand Prix Freestyle
Brentanus - 2nd PSG, 2nd Inter I, 1st Inter I Freestyle and Overall Small Tour Champion
Glogau - 2 x 1st place in the Advanced, 1st PSG, 1st Advanced Freestyle, and Overall Advanced Tournament Champion

The Beechwood Team would like to thank Spooks Riding Wear for providing them with smart competition attire. Victoria chose to wear her Spooks Riding Jacket in the Preliminary Championship on Castlebrook Brenin Jude. She loves this jacket as it fits well and looks smart on. She also wore the Spooks Stock Shirts for every class within the competition. She said they're comfortable and durable enough for everyday riding but also look and feel great for top level competition. 

Victoria would like to thank Nature Vet for providing their vitamin and mineral products for competitions. The Beechwood Team can sometimes have up to a week away for competitions interstate, and Victoria says Nature Vet's products are great for keeping the horses in optimum condition and performing at their peak.

Victoria would also like to thank Bit Bank Australia for their ongoing support and providing each of the horses with the most suitable snaffles and weymouth bits. Each of the horses have their own individual bit which is trialed and tested to make sure the design is perfectly suitable for the horse. She says it is imperative for the horse to be comfortable, and Bit Bank has a market range of top quality products which are prescribed for each individual horse.

The Beechwood Team are now looking forward to the up and coming Brenda Wittman Classic in July. 

Until then...

Beechwood Dressage Horses 

Sydney CDI**

Hi everyone! We had an easy drive to Sydney CDI. All the horses travelled well and arrived in fantastic order, thanks to the Nature Vet supplements. We made sure the horses had tripart before we left, recovery paste over night and electrovite paste when we arrive in Sydney.

We took five horse, five people and two trucks to the CDI. We were all very happy with the results.

Victoria - Greystone U25 best performed
Glogau - Advanced Tournament Champions, 1st Advanced freestyle, 2nd 5B & 3rd 5C
Brentanus - 2nd Advanced freestyle, 3rd 5B, 4th 5C & 2nd PSG CDN
Casablanca - 4th U25 Intermediate II, 5th U25 Grand Prix
Connie Bookless & Gym Star One - 4th Intermediate II
UQ Anapavlova & Matthew Dowsley - 1st PSG Derby

I would like to say a huge thank you to my fantastic grooms/friends Georgie and Laura, my coach/mum Libby, my dad Graham and Connie for all the help and support and of course Nature Vet for their fantastic sponsorship. Also a big thank you to the organizing committee and everyone involved at the Sydney CDI for such a fantastic show.

Till next time...

Victoria Welch

Beechwood Dressage Horses